Didak's Team


  • ·1rst in Cup and Spain Championship in 2008
  • ·11th in Block World Cup in 2011
  • ·6th at European Championships in 2013 Overall
  • ·Level of block 8c
  • ·He opened 8 amaneceres , 8b / A3 , 600m to 5400
    meters, in Sierra de Coocuy , Colombia

Marco Juves

I have known Didak’s since its origins; it’s a little family business, but with lots of years of experience, it focuses in taking care of all details, and its designs are avant-graded. It works with materials of high quality, always evolving, and they listen to your ideas and learn from errors.

The result of its work are all the holds, slopes and materials thought for climbers, even when it seems impossible, the next day you will be surprised with their new designs.

I have always had help and confidence in Didak’s, like good friends, with smiles and open arms.

Thank you!

Carlos Catari

I like Didak’s, I have seen them grow since it was established, I love its totally serious work; they are fighters, you can see its enthusiasm and energy in the designs they do.

I’m Carlos Catari, of Caribbean blood and a desire to excel; to better myself, born to climb, giving love and enjoying the nature.

“Cleverness is knowing the next path to return... integrity is being able to get it·” MH Mc Kee..


  • ·Champion of Spain in 2014 in block speciality
  • ·Sub champion in Catalonia in Block and rope specialities


  • Champion of Catalonia in 2010
  • 3rd in the Spain Cup in 2013

Shirleys Noriega

Shirleys: Didak’s, blunt edges, strips, are all good, they are made with love and dedication, each of the holds is crafted with the attention it deserves, so that later we can enjoy the magic of holds and colours on the resin..

I’m Shirleys, climber and a fanatic, born in Venezuela and have been established in Catalonia for 6 years.

Guillem y Rut Montsech

My name is Guillem Montsech and I’m 14 years old, I have been climbing since I was 8. What I like about climbing, rock climbing, is where the walls are inclined and with many strips. Since I’ve been climbing I could climb a 8a, 7c and 7c +. I really like their holds, but what I enjoy most is the people behind this brand as I climb with them and all the team.

My name is Rut and I’m 13. I’ve been climbing since I was 6. Climbing is what motivates me most. The last summer I climbed mount Samantha in País Vasco, and there was very cold. I like training with Didak’s holds, because with these we can do long trainings. I like their magnesium bags because there are good and because there are very funny.

Guillem Montsech  
  • 1rst in block in Catalonia Championship
  • 5th in Championship of Spain.
Rut Montsech  
  • 5th Championship of Spain
  • 4th Championship of Catalonia in difficulty.


  • He Travel arround the world looking the best places for climb

Monkie Kei

Monkie Kei: I’m Monkie, came from Macao, China. I stared climbing in 2004, specialized in sportive climbing and boulder. I like meeting new people and traveling just to climb. My favourite place is Rodellar in Spain, and for the boulder, in France, Fontainebleau.

I like Didak’s, its products are unique and very characteristic.The holds are incredible, they give you the necessary adhesion and they are long lasting.Since I used their products, I couldn’t use any other.

Xevi Sava

For me, the definition of climbing is very clear, my life. I don’t climb as a sport, I do it as a philosophy and a way of life, where there is a great importance to the particularities of people, places, cultures, personal feelings and shared feelings, emotions, etc. And personal or mental self improvement grows when everything unites and that a part of these feelings can be true, I have the great luck of forming part of one of the greatest company of holds, due to their textures, designs, innovations and because behind this, there is a group of people who are unique, responsible, do a great job and they have a lovely personality. In fact what I’d like to show is that when fabricating holds and other products, they make them with a remarkable quality.

A pleasure to be part of this team and this family named Didak’s.


  • Passionate Boulder climber